Friday, 7 September 2012

yes.. i'm still continue learning..

yes! everytime i hurt. i learn what is brave. how to be brave..
yes! everytime i do a mistake learn what is the 'learn' is n how to 'learn' it ..
n everytime i fail i learn what is success n how to take myself a part of it..

i know, i'm still learning.. so, i always let myself to be hurt, to do the mistakes n to fail..
because i want to learn more n more n more...

but please, i just want to 'learn' n do not want it to follow me for the rest of my life..
n please do not let me 'learn' something that is out of the silibus of a life..
n sometimes i know i will be tired to learn all of that..
n that time, please let me a take a break..
to continue the lesson that u never regret to let me felt about it..

KATA 1: emo nak balik usm.. what? my holiday already finished? *mood tak percaya*

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