Monday, 1 May 2017

Be strong my dear

My special writing for my special friend.
u know who u are and i know u will read this piece of my writing

For not be a able to calm u down
I'm so sorry
For not be able to be beside u when u are in tears
I'm so sorry
To can't be beside u to hear your sorrow
I'm so sorry

Only Allah knows how break my heart it is when i know i can't do anything for u
Only Allah knows how hurt my heart it is when i know the tears coming down ur face

N for the first time i can't find the right words and right sentences for calm u down
for that i'm really sorry

Last time we promised. I promised
To be beside u to hear your sadness
like u did for me before when happiness can't find me
To find the right words to calm n cheer u up
like u did to me before when i failed to know what smile it is
To hold your hands n said its okay ALLAH still loves u
like u did to me before when myself started to blame HIM

I tried my best to do all the things but finally in the end everything is failed.
n for that reasons i do blame myself and i'm so sorry..
But here is my words

Allah never ever let us down. He will never ever let us alone in the dark
Allah never promise that life will be easy
But He do promise that He will be with us in every steps in our life

I know. 
Today will be hard, 
Tomorrow will be hardest.
But do remember. the rain n dark which covered the sky
will finally let the sun to bring its shine
just exactly like our day,
ALLAH gives us 1001 reasons to cry
but He also gives us 1001 reasons to smile
So keep smiling. as He always watching. 


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