Saturday, 30 April 2016

Life Changes

Dear my diary aka my blog
Lately i'm wondering what the people wants and expected in other people.
did they expected that all people to be perfect like they are?
or did they expected all people can become exactly like they wanted?
people have weakness. and sometimes they do learned and tried to change
not to change to become exactly like people around them wanted
but to change to be a better person
but sometimes also changes need an effort, support n time
n when people around them who expected changes without considering this factors
the changes becomes hard
 n finally the people who initially wants to changes be hurt
so please before u want to change people
understand them.
then support them
even when they do the little things that still hurt u
still understand they have tried.
n trying demands time and sacrifice
coretan hati luahan rasa
taman sentosa, taiping perak

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