Saturday, 1 March 2014


dont judge a person due to their decision
there will be a time when they have to make a decision 
that maybe none of us can understand 
why they made that decision
sit in my shoes and said i shouldn't do that
be with me when the problem comes
along with me find the solution
or at least give me a way out.
if u can't please do not ask me to change my decision.
because there will be a time when u need to be selfish
u need to think of urself
because sometimes urself need some space, some chance, some reward.
to make sure that u will never give up in the future.
itz very sad when it comes a moment
there are no one around u that u can ever trusted
a person that u can ask for their opinion
a person that u can share ur problem sincerely
i know i'm not a good person.
i know a happiness can come when we are giving someone else their happiness.
for that reasons, i will never give up
put a smile in someone else faces
even i know i cant hope to get it from them back.
so, please, do not look me bad just because i tried to find my own happiness.
at least give me some chances to grab my own happiness
at least...

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