Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Feel grateful

Sometimes there are times that unintentionally, without realizing i have asked Him
Why He do this to me? For what i have done why i still cant get what i want.
Why others can get but not me? Why He kept testing me?
Why the world so unfair to me?
I know itz hurt. Itz hurt me as well.
Without me myself realize i do a cruel sin.
I didnt accept qada' and qadar written by Him
How sinfull person i am.

Forgive me ya Allah.
I've kept repeating my mistake.
Even i know You already promise
He will give me the best. Not the best that i want, but the best that i should get

I teach myself, to be positive.
I tell myself that Allah have better plan for me,
I trust it because i have seen it.
I have seen a person. Who are for me is a very hardworking and amazing person
Which in my mind either i cant be like that person
But, unfortuntely that person didnt get what that person want..
I'm shocked. I'm feel to low. Why? I didnt do as much as that person did but i get what i want
Without other persons realizing, i kept trace about that person
What happened to that person after that.
Yeah. That person never give up. Becase that person trust on fate! That person will get what that person want. Maybe not now but later.

After few years, i feel like want to know what happened to that person.
Alhamdulillah, finally that person success. 
Success that maybe none of us will predict that person will finally success
Not in term of very successful yet but success.
Itz enough right? Why u should asked more if little is already enough?

Trust Him. Accept what He give now. Never give up. And always. Always. Think positive.
Doesnt mean that He didnt answer u now, He will not answer u forever,
Doesnt mean He didnt give what u want today, He will not give it to u forever,
He will. If itz good for u, but He wouldnt if it is bad for u. But trust Him. He will give better things for u as a replacement. 
So, for what reasons u must complaining 1001 things to Him? 
Feel grateful. Be thankful. The life that He give to us already are meaningful and priceless.
And without realizing, actually we already asked too much from Him.
So, its a good thing right if we can find some time to say 'Alhamdullilah' to him rather than complaining and blaming to Him? 


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