Monday, 6 June 2016

People and Darkness

I like to write, something that can make me calm is when my fingers can speak out the words from my heart
but there are always time when the tears comes out earlier than expected
n the heart hurt before the fingers can calm the heart
n lately times becomes the barrier
i wish one day i will not forger how calm it is when i can let the fingers to calm my heart

they easily can see the other people in the light.
but ever u see someone who can see u in the dark
n people ask me, how to see other people in the dark?
n how can that ability can save and calm other people
n why we need to do that.

there will be a time when sorrow surround their day
but for some people they can show their sorrow on their face
they hide it in the their smile

Yesterday. Today. Tomorrow.
I still wish. i still hope.
there will be a time where people can see other people's tears 
behind other people's smile
they can see the present of other person despite the darkness of the day
they can hold other peoples hand who gasping for the air of hope.

one day u can see that people.
u ever known this type of people
hold their hand. n tell them
please. stay in my story of life
because only your shining presents can give the light to my darkness day.

If and only if u know that person
Love them until the last of the breatth
because maybe they will be the first and last time
u ever known that that type of people..

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