Friday, 23 May 2014

i'm soo sorry

complicated feelings of mine,
that is who i am.
kadang2 betul dalam percakapan kita kena hati2.
sebab tanpa sedar adakalnya ia melukai walaupun ia bukanlah niat di hati.
for those who involved.

i'm so sorry..
even how much i wish i did not hurt anybody, but still i kept repeating my mistake.
i'm so sorry
when without me n myself realize i kept make people touched n hurt with what i'm doing.
but please. understand me. as a human sometimes i cant help it.
my emotions controlled myself more than i can controlled it.
i'm so sorry..
sometimes i make decision without thinking because maybe thinking too much make it more difficult.
i'm so sorry
when sometime i do something that is no one can predicted.
but trust me, most of the time my decisions. my steps. my choices.
i have another reasons behind it.
for what reasons i'm doing it.
which sometimes i cant tell what is it
which sometimes i did not want to put too much hope on it
n which sometimes i just like making surprise.

rasa sedih n syahdu bila fikir tadi dah kelas terakhir. 
kelas terakhir untuk degree bpharm ni
n mungkin kelas terakhir sampai bila2 la kot.
master? not in my mind for now.
sweetness, sourness, bitterness n etc during these 4 years.
teach me a lot.
which maybe become the best memories in my life.

u dont need 1000 pictures in ur hand to remember all the memories when u already have 1 in ur heart.

with love:
22 may 2014

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